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Leadership Team

Lisa Percy, Headteacher
Robin Bassford, Deputy Headteacher
James Woollin, Deputy Headteacher
Sally Harris, Assistant Headteacher
Joe Wood, Associate Assistant Headteacher
Linda Stuart, Business Manager

Curriculum Leaders

Jessica Bigwood, Art
Steve Lamb, Business Studies
Angela Holland, Design and Technology
Duncan Ellis, Drama
Dan Skirrow, English
Kim Skeplorn, Geography
Philip Arkinstall, History
Tim Phillips, ICT and Computing
Vicky Spencer, Maths
Jane Humphris, Modern Foreign Languages
Debbie Workman, Music
Stuart Hughes, Boys PE
Nicky Place, Girls PE
Laura Davidge-Lumber, Girls PE
Paul Noyce, SMSCE – Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education
David Mayo, Science 
Debbie Bennett, SENCo/Learning Support

Learning Managers

Mike Heffernan, Year 7
Alice Humphries, Years 8 and 9
Becky Parry-Jones, Year 10
Amy Webb, Year 11
Mike Fennell, Years 12 and 13

Pastoral Managers

Ella Kingstone, Year 7
Sam Greenaway, Year 8
Phyl Graham, Year 9
Sarah Loft, Year 10
Lorraine Young, Year 11
Jackie Todd, Years 12 and 13

Managerial Support Staff

Heather Baker, HR Manager
Tina Deedigan, Data and Office Manager
Phil Evans, Site Manager
Nicola Fox, Cover Manager
Allison Fulcher, Events Manager
Pat Morton, Finance Manager
Nick Reed, ICT Support Manager
Neil Southwood, Resources Centre Manager
Vicky Brenton, Careers and Transition Manager