Absence Requests

Years 7 – Year 11

To request an absence for a pupil (including medical/dental appointments), please complete the form linked below. Please do not use this form for reporting sickness absences – these should be reported by either phoning the school or emailing absence@hardenhuish.wilts.sch.uk

In the case of holiday absence, it is unlikely that holiday requests during term time will be authorised unless extenuating circumstances can be explained to the Headteacher. If a pupil has less than 90% attendance at school and is absent due to an unauthorised holiday, a referral to the Local Authority for a penalty notice is likely to occur.

Absence Request Form (office.com)

Penalty Notice Code of Conduct

Sixth Form

For all holiday absences please use the form above.

All other absences, such as medical or exeat requests, please use the following email rather than completing the form sixthformabsence@hardenhuish.wilts.sch.uk