KS3 Curriculum

KS3 Options Booklet 2024

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Model

YearEnglishMathsScienceRE&PSHCEHistoryGeographyPEMFLICTD&TEx ArtsOptionsTotal
9444222242Options 2×230

As shown in the table above, our provision offers a balance of subjects in the National Curriculum. Special features of our KS3 Curriculum are described below. Science is a balanced course covering biology, chemistry and physics.

Throughout KS3 the vast majority of pupils study French and Spanish, spending half of their time on French and half of their time on Spanish. The vast majority of pupils continue with both French and Spanish in Y9, delivered through 2 x 50 minute lessons in each modern foreign language, with the exception of a small number of pupils who have additional literacy through our creative media programme.

In Y7 and Y8 pupils doing D&T gain experience of working with different media through a carousel programme of food, textiles, resistant materials, systems & control and graphic products. As they go into Y9, they can choose as part of the options system which media they wish to specialise in.

In Y7, Y8 and Y9 pupils have ICT lessons in one of the School’s computer rooms. These lessons are designed to improve their level of competence using ICT, including computer programming, enabling them to use technology as a tool in other lessons.

The expressive arts subjects (art, drama and music) are taught as discrete subjects in Y7 and Y8. Dance is also taught as a discrete subject in Y7. In Y9 pupils choose at least 2 options from a range of subjects which includes D&T, expressive arts, business studies and extra PE, in preparation for GCSEs.

The core subjects start GCSE programmes of study during Y9.