Curriculum Leader: Mr David Mayo


We live in a world where science is all around us. Every day we hear news stories that are underpinned with scientific facts, discoveries and information. Everything from the latest gadgets to medical breakthroughs have their basis in pure science. At Hardenhuish we believe that it is essential that our pupils have a thorough understanding of Science ensuring they can understand and make sense of their world.

Science teaching at Hardenhuish values the integration of practical activities in lessons and the skills that these provide to pupils who are encouraged to develop understanding and abilities. Pupils are equipped to apply the knowledge that they gain to a range of real-life situations and, to do this, we ensure that Science is placed in context and related to their day-to-day lives. The faculty has a highly experienced and enthusiastic team of teachers and technicians who have a deep interest in their specialist subject areas. This enthusiasm helps to motivate pupils to find out more about the subject as well as allowing them to achieve their full potential throughout their school career.

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