Hardenhuish Headlines
Dear Parents The Year 7 have had a wonderful time at Liddington this week and I would like to thank Mr Henley, Mrs Young, the...
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Hardenhuish Headlines
Dear Parents We have welcomed over 200 sets of parents for Open Week this week and they have been so complimentary about our wonderful school,...
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Hardenhuish Headlines
Dear Parents I am delighted to announce that we are the first school in Wiltshire to be awarded the Young Carers Bronze award through The...
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Hardenhuish Headlines
Welcome to the 2023/4 Academic Year! I hope that you have had a good summer and your young people have had a good first week...
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Headteacher’s Welcome

As Headteacher, I am delighted to be able to introduce you to Hardenhuish School.  Naturally, the education of your child is very important and, like you, we want them to fulfil their potential and be prepared for life after school, whilst enjoying a wide range of exciting opportunities.

Hardenhuish School is a popular, high-performing secondary school.  We benefit from extensive beautiful grounds with excellent facilities, centered around the original Georgian manor house, on the site of the former Chippenham Grammar School.  Our team of staff are highly qualified specialists.  We believe that the three-way partnership of pupil, school, and parents is vital to enable all children to thrive.  Their success needs your support and our school is committed to working with you to provide that.

We are fully dedicated to maintaining our strong ethos and high standards, whilst offering experiences relevant to the 21st century, including the use of modern technologies.

Pupils at Hardenhuish are “inspired to learn” and “supported to succeed”. As well as a broad and balanced academic curriculum, designed to provide the qualifications needed for further and higher education and skills required to succeed in working life, Hardenhuish offers a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities.  These provide diversity in school life, enabling pupils to thrive and blossom into well-rounded young adults who will contribute positively to society.

Hardenhuish is a wonderful place to work and learn, a place I am proud to have the privilege of leading.

My colleagues and I look forward to welcoming you in the near future.

Lisa Percy

About Our School

Hardenhuish is an 11-18 co-educational comprehensive school set in the magnificent parkland of the former Hardenhuish Manor and Chippenham Grammar School. We enjoy and enviable reputation locally and nationally as a high performing academy, being the first school in Wiltshire to take advantage of more local leadership as part of the DfE’s flagship academy scheme.

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Term Dates

Hardenhuish School Term Dates 2022-23

School Day

08.30 Registration
08.45 Lesson 1
09.40 Lesson 2
10.30 Break
10.50 Lesson 3
11.45 Lesson 4
12.35 Lunch
13.15 Lesson 5
14.10 Lesson 6
15.00 End of school day

Reception is open from 7.45am to 4.30pm Monday to Thursday (4pm Fridays)