Our uniform is supplied by Price Buckland who have been manufacturing exceptional uniform since 1959 and has been the School’s supplier for several years now.

We have recently moved to a new system whereby orders are placed with Price Buckland, and sent directly to your home address; please click on the link below for further information, including details on how to order:

Information Sheet

Link to Price and Buckland website:


Uniform List

Please note that items of uniform marked with an asterix can only be purchased from the School’s uniform suppliers – Price and Buckland:

Bottle green sweater with gold stripe and school logo *
Black tailored trousers/Black tailored skirt (below fingertip length when arms are at the side of the legs)
Shorts* (optional) Black tailored knee length
White button to neck long/short sleeved shirt/blouse
School tie (can be purchased from the school via Arbor)
Black sensible shoes
Black/white socks or black tights
Weatherproof coat

PE/Games Kit

Green and black winter shirt with gold piping and logo *
Green and black polo shirt with gold piping and logo (Unisex) *
Green and black polo shirt with gold piping (Unisex or Girl fit) and logo *
Green and black shorts or skort with gold piping *
Green and black hooped socks *
Black fleece or jacket with green piping and logo (Unisex or Girl fit) (optional for Y8 and above from September 2021, while stocks last) *
Black branded Hardenhuish leggings or tracksuit bottoms (optional)

Please note that pupils participating in regular contact sports, such as Rugby, will need the winter shirt.

Sports trainers
White socks (summer sports)
Rugby/football/hockey boots with studs or blades
Gum shield (advisable)
Black base layer top (optional) (short or long sleeved)
Black footless long base layer bottoms (optional)
Black, plain tracksuit bottoms (optional)

 The full uniform list is in the School’s Uniform Policy. Please note that uniform is compulsory; no extreme hairstyles or visible make-up are permitted. Pupils may wear a watch and a single small stud in one or both ears.