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Work Experience

At Hardenhuish School we value Work Experience as an integral part of the Careers and Work Related Learning programme. Students in Year 10 and Year 12 undertake work experience on a designated week each July.

Work Experience is where the student carries out a particular job or range of tasks, under supervision, within the workplace. As a school, we value the intangible benefits gained through our Work Experience programme and we know that our young people benefit from their experiences.

Work Experience in Year 10

As an integral part of the Key Stage 4 curriculum, we attempt to ensure every Year 10 pupil will spend time in the world of work, allowing them a unique opportunity to enhance their employability skills.

The aim of this activity is to enable pupils to gain valuable experience of the world of work and to demonstrate their skills and abilities whilst working within a team of adults in a real working environment. Work Experience in Year 10 is regarded as a valuable contribution to the preparation for the world of work by assisting in:

  • improving attainment in specific areas/subjects which pupils value for their future careers,
  • developing economic and enterprise skills,
  • careers education and planning for life after Key Stage 4,
  • general maturity, personal and social development.

Work Experience in Year 12

Work Experience in Year 12 aims to allow students to gain an understanding of specialist skills and qualities that are required for a career they are interested in, whilst further developing their transferable skills. It will also be likely to form an important part of their personal statement or CV.

Sourcing placements

All students are expected to source their own placements and the majority find it very beneficial to their future careers to choose and have ownership of their placement. Each year around 90% of those in Year 10 arrange their own placement and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Some students will need more assistance finding and arranging placements and help is available from Mrs Tu and Ms Brenton.

Year 10 and Year 12 – Work Experience launch

Work experience is launched to young people and parents in Term 1 or Term 2, with detailed information on the processes and timelines involved found in the links at the bottom of this page. Students are encouraged to start the process of arranging their placements as early in the academic year as possible in order to have the best chance of securing the right opportunity for them.

Can you help offer Work Experience Placements to our young people?

Our young people have an excellent reputation within the local business community; and if you are able to offer a placement we’d be delighted to discuss this opportunity with you.

Work Experience contact information

If you have any queries about the WEX programme please contact:

Mrs Liz Tu, Careers and WEX Administrator (based in E centre)


WEX Frequently Asked Questions

Further information

For more detailed information on WEX and the processes involved, please read through the following documents:

Year 10 Work Experience
Y10 WEX Introduction Letter 2019
WEX Guide Y10 2019-2020
Y10 WEX Form 2019 20

Year 12 Work Experience

Y12 WEX Introduction Letter Sept 2019
WEX Guide Y12 2019-20
Y12 WEX Form 2020