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A list of School Policies are below with links to PDF files. If you cannot find the policy you are looking for please contact the school office.

Able Gifted and Talented Policy
Appeal Against Centres Decison Regarding Post Results Review Policy
Assessment Policy updated Nov 2018
Careers education, advice and guidance policy

Controlled Assessment Policy
Drugs Policy
Homework Policy June 2017
International Policy
KS4 Options Policy January 2015
Education and Training Provider Access Policy
Relationships and Sex Education Policy
Religious Education and Collective Worship Policy
Resources Centre Policy

Review of Internal Assessed Marks Policy Nov 18
Setting Policy updated Oct 2018
Special Educational Needs Policy March 2017

Work Experience Policy updated Nov 2016

E-Safety Policy June 2018
Pupil and Student Acceptable Use Policy
Student Acceptable Use Agreement Form

Health and Safety
Accessibility Plan 2018
Accident Policy November 2015
Health and Safety Policy November 2018
Science Laboratories

Policy and Resources
Data Protection Policy May 2018
Freedom of Information Policy May 2018
Information Security Policy May 2018
Complaints Policy and Procedure March 2015

Pupils and Parents
Anti-Bullying Policy June 2018
Attendance Policy
Charging and Remissions Policy

Educational Visits Policy March 2017
Health and Wellbeing Policy March 2018
Positive Behaviour Policy with Appendices June 2017
Primary Transfer Policy
Pupils with Medical Needs and Medical Conditions Policy March 2018
Safeguarding Child Protection Policy and Handbook 2018 19
Single Equalities Policy 2017
The Use of Reasonable Force and Authority to Search Policy March 2017

Uniform Policy 2018

Examinations Appeals Procedures
Examinations Appeals Procedures Policy May 2017