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At Hardenhuish School we strongly believe in the importance of identifying our able, gifted and talented pupils so that effective provision and support can be given to meet their educational needs. Research shows that providing effectively for the most able children helps to raise the achievement of all pupils. Gifted learners are the top ~10% of pupils in each year group according to potential ability in subjects which are traditionally labelled as academic, while talented learners are defined as those pupils in the top ~10% according to potential ability in art, music, dance, physical education or sport. Able extends the category to include high ability pupils including those with advanced skills in areas such as leadership and enterprise.

In addition to gathering information from our feeder primary schools before pupils start in Year 7, a rigorous and systematic process is followed to identify AGAT pupils using a range of information, including CAT scores and Key Stage 2 results, together with teachers’ assessment of pupils’ ability and potential in the different subject areas. Provision and support for our AGAT pupils includes challenging learning activities in lessons, enrichment opportunities beyond the timetable, and close tracking of pupils’ progress and achievement.