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Parent Advice


Wellbeing is a priority at Hardenhuish School, and we dedicate time to supporting this in our successful lives programme as well as in PSHCE and other school-based activities.

Here are the topics that are covered by our successful lives programme in each year.

Year 7 Growth mindsets, organisation skills, confidence and team work, coping with anxiety, creative thinking, engagement, tolerance and respect.


Year 8 Communication, benefits of exercise, teamwork, revision skills, being responsible, planning for the future, friendships and personal safety.


Year 9 Taking responsibility, being respectful, creative thinking, anxiety, taking part, first aid, body image and revision skills.


Year 10 Being ambitious, positive thinking, work experience, self-promotion, revision skills, wellbeing, leadership, managing stress and celebrating success.


Year 11 Working hard, coping with exams, revision skills, positivity, kindness and celebrating success.


Year 12 & 13 Working as a sixth form student, UCAS and personal statements, university applications, apprenticeships and gap years, life after Hardenhuish, wellbeing, relationships and money skills.



If you have concerns regarding your child’s mental health, then please speak to someone. There are some links to websites and resources that you may find useful. You can also speak to your child’s pastoral manager.



Young minds – Help for parents – Parenting isn’t always easy. Although it’s often amazing and rewarding to watch your children grow, and to help them learn to be independent, it can also be really hard work.

This handy booklet has information on children and young people’s mental health and how to support a child who needs help.

Coronavirus and mental health (


Anxiety UK – help and advice if your child is struggling with stress and anxiety


Where to Find Help and Support


There are many organisations that offer information, help and support outside school. For a full list of these organisations with links to their website, please see the downloads section below and the document: ‘Where to Find Help and Support’.

On your mind – a website that signposts children and young people in Wiltshire to sources of support for good mental health and emotional wellbeing:





Parental LGBT advice and guidance

As a parent, you may have understandable questions or concerns if you think that your child might be lesbian, gay, bi and/or trans (LGBT). We’ve answered some of the most common ones.



Young Stonewall:

Advice and guidance on how you could support someone coming out as LGBT


Resources for families of young trans people.



Advice and guidance on how to support a transgender child.


Lockdown Mental Health Tips

Tips for having a conversation with a child about mental health