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Y10 and 12 Work Experience

Y10 and 12 Work Experience

Dear Parents

As you know, Year 10 and Year 12 Work Experience normally takes place at the end of the summer term. Unfortunately, due to the current uncertain circumstances WEX will not be able to run in the usual way this year. We are currently looking into possible alternatives to this and will let you know more when we can.

In the meantime please be reminded that we have some great career/WEX opportunities on the Careers page of the School’s website. This list has been recently updated and includes many fantastic virtual work experiences/activities across a wide range of career sectors.  There are various dates and sessions available; some are short talks of a couple of hours whilst others require daily commitment over the course of a week (often in school holiday times). There is also scope for individuals to try out several different interests if they wish to, which would not normally be so straightforward with traditional WEX.

If you are interested in taking part in any of these opportunities please note that many require registration, so it is worth double checking whether there are deadlines to do this.

Whilst signing up for any virtual work experience is voluntary, please let me know if you do sign up so that I can log it for our records.

I hope this is useful and that you enjoy taking up some of these activities.

Kind regards

Vicky Brenton
Careers and Transition Manager