Hardenhuish Headlines

Hardenhuish Headlines

Head’s Message

I hope that you and your young people have had a good first full week back.

Please see below a message from our Governors:

We hope you are all settling into the new school year and the inevitable challenges as we all adapt to the new way of operating. We are delighted that Year 7 have settled in so quickly and hope to get to know our new parents and pupils over time. Hardenhuish’s governing body can seem a bit of a mystery to those who are unfamiliar with it and we’ve produced a report of all our activities over the last year so you can see how we have been working with the school throughout the pandemic and in the period before. You can find the report here and you will see more about the governing body if you click on the Our School link on the website and select Governors.

We are looking for a parent (or more than one) to join the Hardenhuish Educational Trust as a Trustee. We meet twice a year in July and November to review bids made to the Trust by members of the school community for equipment to enhance the learning experiences in the classroom. Trustees have also historically helped the Friends with fundraising activities when they are able. If you are interested in finding our more, please email me at admin@hardenhuish.wilts.sch.uk .

A couple of transport related reminders:

• Please can I ask that you park considerately and safely when picking up and dropping off your young people. Please use the drop off zone to prevent parking on double yellow lines locally and where it causes a hazard for other motorists.

• From the LA Transport Team : If pupils/ students are using school transport, they should wear a face covering if they are over 11 years old whilst on school transport. There is no requirement for primary aged pupils or children who are exempt to wear one, although it is strongly recommended. If travelling by public bus a face covering must be worn if your young person is over 11 years old.

• It is the responsibility of the parents and students to make sure they wear a face covering. Drivers are not responsible for enforcing face coverings, neither are we encouraging them to challenge students.Please have a closer look at the FAQs on our website for more detail regarding home to school transport. https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/transport-covid19. You can also read our recent press release on this: https://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/news/back-to-school-transport-advice-for-families.

• If your young people get a bus from the coach park, please inform them that a white line is going to be painted running at right angles to the coach park half way between Hardenhuish and Sheldon. Pupils from the two schools who are waiting for their bus will need to stay on their side of the white line. If their bus has arrived then they can get straight on the bus as normal. This measure is to try to reduce the mixing of pupils from the two schools and will be introduced from Monday 14 September.

Thank you for all of your support of us and our young people as we have settled back in to life at Hardenhuish. It has been lovely to see so many happy (if a little weary by today!) faces this week and speak to the young people about how good it is to be back in school.

Have a restful weekend.

Lisa Percy

News Items 

 Resource Centre news 

It has been great to welcome back plenty of familiar faces this week and meet lots of our new Year 7s too. There have obviously been a few new routines to adjust to, but we are determined that the Resource Centre will remain a key part of the school throughout the ‘new normal’.  

One of the main changes has of course been break and lunchtime use. We are currently just open for one year group per day at these times – Year 7 on Monday, Year 8 Tuesday, Year 9 Wednesday, Year 10 Thursday and finally Year 11 on Friday. This will be one of the main ways in which the library environment is kept safe. Please remember when your day is for library use and try to ensure that any books that you had on loan over lockdown are returned as quickly as possible over the next couple of weeks.  

Borrowing is still allowed but we are encouraging library users to try to limit contact with books they are not intending to borrow as much as possible. Returns will be quarantined for 72 hours before they are put back on the shelves and, of course, there are sanitising points in the library foyer – all of which should ensure that our amazing resources are safe for everyone to use.  

If there’s a particular book you’re after, but it’s not your day to use the library, we would encourage you to e-mail NXS to place a reservation – Mr Southwood will then keep the book for you until it is your day to collect it.  

There are plenty of new novels, non-fiction, graphic novels and manga to start the autumn term including the latest releases from Robin Stevens, David Walliams, Derek Landy, Suzanne Collins, Dav Pilkey and Alice Oseman to name just a few. Keep an eye out for future articles in Headlines for details of more new books in the weeks ahead. We are also delighted that Year 7 library lessons have started and we hope they will provide the usual great introduction to the place for all our new pupils, helping them become confident library users.