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Hardenhuish Headlines

Hardenhuish Headlines

Congratulations to Team Hardenhuish who ran the Chippenham Half Marathon last Sunday and won the Business Award. 

It was wonderful to celebrate the successes of Year 13 at our Governors Awards Ceremony on Wednesday evening. I wish them all well as they begin their next adventures! 

Thank you for your support as we embed the Conduct Card. As I have explained to the pupils in assemblies since the beginning of term, our expectations are nothing new but the card system enables us to support those who consistently find it difficult to meet our expectations and also gives us an opportunity to reward those who meet them everyday. Our conduct card system ensures that we maintain our high standards of  behaviour around the school site as well as in lessons, our young people continue to look as smart as they do at the moment and conversations focus on learning. We will continue to refine the system over the coming weeks. 

It has been good to see so many young people taking part in extra-curricular activities this week and I look forward to this continuing as the term goes on. 

Lisa Percy


News Items 

 Music Exam Results 

Congratulations to the following pupils for passing their music exams before the summer holidays: 

Harrison Short  Grade 5 guitar 

Thomas Short  Grade 5 flute and Grade 2 saxophone  

Alice Salter – Grade 1 piano and Grade 1 theory 

Emma Stables  Grade 1 piano 

Amy Hulford  Grade 3 piano 

Emilia Pottle  Grade 1 piano 

Ieuan Law  Grade 1 piano 

Imogen Sykes  Grade 5 piano 

Louis Warnett  Grade 5 piano 

Lauren Hale  Grade 5 piano 

Tamsin Law  Intermediate Performance Certificate Clarinet 

Harriet Whiting  Grade 5 oboe 

Max Bentley – Grade 2 drums 

Saul Spencer Williams  Grade 1 drums 

Toby Stanislaus  Grade 1 keyboard 

Mr Fosker’s pupils: 

Oliver Rowland – Grade 5 music theory 

Jeyan Kanagaratnam – Grade 5 flute 

Sophie Fife-Faulkner – Grade 4 flute 

Amy Rushowski White – Grade 1 flute 

Please do let us know if you have taken a music exam and aren’t on the list below so we can celebrate your success next week.

Chippenham Half Marathon

Last Sunday a number of members of staff from Hardenhuish ran the Chippenham half marathon as part of a corporate team. The staff that ran were Mr Cobbold, Mrs Glossop, Mr Woollin, Mr Heffernan, Dr Bassford,  Mr Cobb, Mr Hopkins, Mr Peake, Miss Lowther & Mrs Leafe. The four quickest times were used for the corporate challenge. These were Mr Cobb (1hr 24), Dr Bassford (1hr 26), Mr Cobbold (1hr 45) & Mr Hopkins (1hr 52). These speedy efforts secured Hardenhuish the corporate win!! Thank you to everyone who supported them along the route.

One of our Yr 13 students, George Strevens, also ran the half on Sunday. He was raising money for Riding for the Disabled in memory of Ellie Gould. George completed the course in an impressive 1hr 29 and raised £5800 in sponsorship with an additional £1000 from gift aid. What an amazing achievement; well done George!!

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