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Hardenhuish Headlines

Hardenhuish Headlines

Dear Parents

As this is the last Headlines of the year (due to New Year 7 and 12 Induction Day next Friday with no other pupils in school and term finishing after the two activity days on 19th July), I would like to start by thank you for all of your support of us and our young people as we have settled back in to a more normal school. This year has not been without it’s challenges but our community has managed these by working together and looking after each other and your role as parents is so important in this – Thank you!

It has been lovely to hear the successes of so many of our Alumni as they complete their studies over recent weeks. Please encourage any young people you know who came to Hardenhuish to sign up for the Alumni and to keep in touch.

Open Evening last night was an amazing opportunity to meet so many prospective pupils and their parents and show off our wonderful school. It looked fantastic and showed off our facilities at their best – thank you to all staff and young people for their enthusiasm and energy in sharing what we do.

Sports Day last Friday was a great event and fantastic to see so many young people taking part and so many records broken. Please see further details in the article below. Please also see articles regarding the many other sporting events that Hardenhuish young people have taken part in over the last couple of weeks including the River Run in Chippenham which was a great community evet to get involved with.

There is also an article about our Languages week which does such a wonderful job in engaging our young people with languages beyond the classroom.

Please also find attached a report from our Governing Body outlining their work and impacts this year.

Hardenhuish Governing Body Impact Statement and Report to Parents 2021-22

Have a restful and enjoyable summer break and I look forward to welcoming you back to the new school year in September.

Lisa Percy



News Items


Parents Meeting Survey Feedback

Please click on the link below to view the results of a recent survey conducted with parents regarding parent meetings:

Parents Meetings Survey Feedback 2022-23 – Hardenhuish School


Rupert Reports

It has been lovely to have an academic year where so many of the normal things we expect have returned, school trips, sports days, musical and drama performances.  As I am writing we are coming to the final few days in school for Year 10 and 12 who are about to complete their week of work experience, something that has not been able to happen for two years.  These few days are invaluable to our young people in giving them an insight into the world of work as well as giving them a chance to develop skills that employers value such as customer service.

I know many of you read this to find out about what I have been up to outside of school so I will not disappoint. Half term I went to Exmoor, we had forgotten how wonderful a location it is with some super walks around Horner and Selworthy Beacon. The number of tea garden visits did seem excessive – 7 in 5 days.  Over the summer we will head to Scotland as usual at the start of the holidays for two weeks. Regular readers will know we always start in Dumfries and Galloway, we will then move onto Perthshire. If you follow on twitter @RupertReports expect pictures of me on empty windswept beaches and beside forested lakes. After returning home for exam results days, we will then travel down the M5 to the Helford Estuary. Here we will head off along the footpaths to play the how few people can we meet game  – in August anything under 6 is a result.  Happy holidays everyone.


Hampton Court

It was lovely weather for the Year 12 history trip to Hampton Court with the students engaged with learning about the historic royal palace. Having studied Thomas Wolsey and his role in working for Henry VIII, it was great to finally take the group down to see Wolsey’s palace and visit the privy council chambers used in the 1540s. The group were each given a guidebook, produced by the history department to help them navigate the site, with the added bonus of a photo challenge to look for certain features of the site. We were lucky not only with the weather, but the exception traffic conditions, which meant we arrived early and got back in plenty of time. Hopefully this visit will link their taught knowledge on Henry VIII, to the physical building of Hampton Court. It was a wonder trip with another group of wonderful students.


Hardenhuish Careers Talks

Wednesday this week saw the final careers talk of the year given by Wessex Archaeology, the UK’s leading provider of archaeological and heritage services. Pupils from Years 7 to 10 were able to study a range of artefacts and gain a valuable insight into the range of careers on offer in the world of archaeology, from illustrators and photographers to scientists and divers. This talk gave the opportunity to be more hands on and ask a series of very good questions. It was great to see a range of pupils in attendance and we are hopeful that they gained a valuable insight into what career pathway they may want to follow as they go through their Hardenhuish journey.


Summer Giveaway

We hope that everybody enjoyed Sports Day last Friday. We were delighted to provide coverage on Hardenhuish Radio and play live music.

Last week we also ran the first of two massive giveaways on Hardenhuish Radio.

Congratulations to last week’s prize winners! So far we’ve given out: Domino’s Pizza (Y12), Bugsy Malone Tickets (Y9), Chocolates (Y8/Y7) and more!

We still have some fantastic prizes up for grabs including Free Domino’s Pizza, Burt’s Board Gift Vouchers, Fudge and more!

These giveaways are open to all Hardenhuish Students & Staff Members.

For a chance of winning some fantastic prizes, all students/staff need to do is tune in and make sure to take part!

Prizes can be won by completing one (or many!) of the following:

  • Entering our famous Music Quizzes (on Friday 8th July at 5 PM)
  • Taking part in our Competitions throughout Friday Night Live shows such as Guess The Song
  • Submitting requests (this can be done on our website)
  • Providing feedback using the survey found on our website.

Each of these actions will earn you Radio Quiz Points, and the more points you earn, the better the prizes you can pick from!

Good Luck and remember to tune in after school (4-7 PM) on the 8th of July!

You can tune in and read more information on our website:


Year 10 Vocational Trip

The Year 10 Vocational Studies Group have been enjoying a range of employability trips and activities during this final term.    They have had the opportunity to try some taster activities at Wiltshire College, which included Criminology, Games Development, TV and Film as well as a tour of the Lackham and Chippenham campuses.

Some of the pupils worked with Level 3 students at the College to create film clips, using special effects.

The pupils have also had a tour of The Vastern Timber Company’s Studley Saw Mill  site and found out about jobs in the industry, health and safety requirements and how wood orders are processed.

They visited Chippenham Fire Station to learn about the range of duties Fire Officers carry out on a day to day basis, the skills and qualities needed for the roles and the equipment they use.  They had the opportunity to use the hose as well as hearing about how infrared cameras are used to identify casualties under water.

Some of the students comments about the trips:

“I like the sawmill trip as I found it pretty interesting as never thought about sawmills or how they work.”

“I learnt that the fire engines are absolutely rammed with equipment and the hoses are much heavier than I thought – it was great looking around the fire engine and using the hose!”

“I never realised how much the job involved including teaching people out in the  community about fire safety!”

“I loved the criminology session at the College and learning about the how the first person was identified for a crime using his DNA.”


Languages Week

The recent Languages Week at Hardenhuish was a huge success with a fantastic range of events taking place all over the school. 

Language week promotes the joy of communication, be it shaking your hips in a fast-paced Zumba workshop or putting the final touches to your showstopper ‘madeleine’ for the French Bake-off competition. 

Year 7 and 8 had an incredible Zumba masterclass with the incredible Hender who made out pupils sweat in the gym as they danced their way through several challenging routines. One Year 8 group even had an impromptu dance-off, with a couple of amazing displays of talent from some hidden dance superstars. 

Bake-off was a big hit, with a small number of pupils baking ‘madeleines’ using their own secret ingredients. 

All over Hardenhuish, the MFL Department put posters with French speaking countries as part of a school-side treasure hunt. A select few students managed to discover all of the posters, some of which were placed in windows as far off as the Octagon.  

Students were also entertained by the incredible performances of ONATTI, a Spanish theatre group who performed a play based on camping. The entire show was in Spanish and involved some fantastic (and very brave) audience participation from our Year 8 pupils. It was wonderful to see them following the dialogue and getting into the comical back-and-forth of the two characters. It was a great opportunity for them all to see how communication is also contextual and visual and not just what we do in lessons.  

After a couple of years off, Languages Week was back in full force and we hope that it grows further still in the coming years. We have been so proud of the contributions of our students and want to say a huge merci and gracias to those who participated. A big thank you also to the wonderful staff who agreed to wear badges highlighting their linguistic skills, and we hope they led to some lovely conversations with our young people. 


Music Exam Results

A well done to Reuben Green who recently achieved a merit in his grade 6 piano exam.


Sports News


River Runners Put The Fun Back Into Fundraising

On Wednesday 6 July, more than 40 pupils, students, staff and parents completed the Chippenham River Run to raise money for the school and the school’s charity Young Minds. It was a fantastic evening and great to see so many competitors dressed in Hardenhuish Green at this annual Chippenham event. Thanks go to Rohaise Des Voeux and the Chippenham Harriers for hosting the event and to all the participants and the volunteers who sold refreshments on behalf of the Friends and Trust.

It’s not too late to show your support. Please click on the link below to donate whatever you can.

Crowdfunding to raise funds for the Friends of Hardenhuish, Hardenhuish Educational Trust and this year’s school charity, Young Minds. on JustGiving


Hardenhuish Sports Day 2022

Sports Day is the biggest event on the school calendar and a day that staff and pupils/students look forward to. Tutor Groups compete to win points to see which Tutor Group can be crowned Sports Day Champions.

There were over 25 events for each tutor group to take part in and therefore a huge effort was needed by all pupils/students to ensure every event was filled. Hardenhuish Sports Day records have been kept for over 60 years and some of them have not been broken for over 50 years!

This year Huish athletes across all age groups have demonstrated at District, County and National competitions that they are outstanding performers, so we were hoping for a few records to be broken.

The following records were broken:

Noah H Y7 shot breaking a record set in 1997 with a distance of 10.10m

William W Y7 discus breaking a record set in 2021 with a distance of 15.14m

Dan Coward Y7 triple Jump breaking a record set in 2011 with a distance of 8.14m

Tommy MK Y8 75m hurdles breaking a record set in 1995 in a time of 12.19s

Natasha M  Y9 75m hurdles breaking a record set in 1977 in a time of 11.89

Natasha M Y9 200m breaking a record set in 2009 in a time of 25.5

Toby L Y8 1500m breaking a record set in 1979 in a time of 4.41min

Joe W Y9 100m breaking a record set in 2009 in a time of 23.95s

Maddie W Y10 triple jump breaking a record set in 2021 with a distance of 8.33m

Lola PJ Y10 shot breaking a record set in 1991 with a distance of 8.82m

Outstanding Athletes

Y7 Issac C, Dan C and Scarlett B

Y8 Toby L and Louisa N

Y9 Natasha M and Joe W

Y10 Amelia C and Will HB


Tutor Results

Tutor Year 7 Boys Year 7 Girls Total Placing
TCH 80 78 171 1st
MJG 82 62 157 2nd
SBC 62 66 146 3rd
EFP 86 42 143 4th
CDD 61 79 141 5th
KLW 60 70 137 6th
SZL 85 45 134 7th
JXB 59 48 113 8th
SEW 57 29 92 9th


Tutor Year 8 Boys Year 8 girls Total Placing
EGB 91 80 194 1st
HVR 66 101 167 2nd
KAO 75 65 153 3rd
SEF 88 37 142 4th
FAL 54 85 142 4th
EXH 70 59 141 6th
JMT 54 72 137 7th
AJB 44 58 109 8th
DRW 68 37 108 9th
MAP 80 13 98 9th


Tutor Year 9 boys Year 9 girl Total Placing
AJH 109 96 316 1st
DXS 70 96 267 2nd
OAG 61 85 237 3rd
RMH 89 60 215 4th
IXT 35 87 209 5th
ERS 99 55 209 5th
LEB 79 57 197 7th
JRC 66 60 195 8th
SRT 87 43 174 9th


Tutor Year 10 boys Year 10 girls Total Placing
DQC 95 91 202 1st
ACO 70 108 191 2nd
MFH 96 82 187 3rd
TJG 90 79 183 4th
TMP 77 72 166 5th
EJC 87 61 156 6th
NML 34 86 134 7th
RXR 83 34 129 8th
RWK 39 69 119 9th


The final event of the day was the staff and 6th Form 4x100m relay.  This always proves to be a very competitive event, with over 25 members of staff taking part. Each team was made up of two males and two females. The 6th Form team stormed it from the start, having two national 100m athletes on their team definitely helped! They crossed the line, setting a new record of 52 seconds. There were some very slick changeovers on the staff teams and the 1000 students watching were impressed and equally shocked by how fast the staff members could run!

The winners for 2022 were Mr Heffernan, Mrs Place, Mrs Carter and Mr Cobb.

Huge well done to everyone who took part in Sports Day.  It was a huge team performance with many personal best performances set.

Bring on 2023 – I hear Mrs Colquhoun has already started her sprint training 😉


Staff Vs Student Badminton Tournament

It’s been lovely to see the return of our annual staff vs student badminton competition which is always taken very seriously and led by our talented Level 3 Sport Leaders! Approximately 30 students (including some of our county squad who represented Hardenhuish earlier this year), were ready to take on the staff this week with new staff partnerships being formed and original partnerships resuming pre pandemic. The staff were really able to show the students  that our sporting prowess runs through all departments and not just PE! With the Hardenhuish staff being crowned champions! On to the next tournament in 2023!


Hardenhuish Toughmudder

Our Hardenhuish Student Leadership team organised their own Toughmudder for our younger pupils this week as an extra enrichment opportunity which was a fun filled but very wet assault course across the Hardenhuish grounds. Well done to the Student Leadership Team who put together cargo nets, tunnels and lots of water balloons to ensure the pupils really enjoyed themselves.


U17 Team Bath Athlete Development Centre – Netball Selection Success

Huge congratulation to Fran Fowler and Sophie Vaughan in Year 9 who have both been selected for the U17s Team Bath Netball Athlete Development Centre. An amazing achievement considering they were competing against year 12s! We are looking forward to starting back netball for all pupils in Years 7-13 in September.


Wiltshire School Games Finals


The School Games, is a government-led programme funded by Sport England National Lottery.  It places physical activity and competitive sport at the heart of schools and provides more young people with the opportunity to compete and achieve their personal best. There are two phases to the School Games Competitions.  The first round involves District competitions and Hardenhuish is in the North Wiltshire area.  The top two teams from each round then qualify for the County Championships which take place at Dauntsey’s School where the best of the best compete for the title of County Champions.

Hardenhuish have had another great season and this year had four teams qualify for the finals.

Super 8s Athletics – Year 7 Boys

Super 8’s Athletics – Year 7 Girls

U15 Girls Rounders

U13 Girls Touch Rugby


Year 7 Super 8s County Championships

It has been a very busy season for our Year 7 athletes, having already competed in the English Schools Track and Field Cup at Marlborough College, the Huish v Sheldon Athletics Competition, the Area Championships and Area Trials at Bath University, the first round of Super 8s at Dauntsey’s School and of course Hardenhuish Sports Day.

Having experienced all of these competitions Hardenhuish athletes were very well prepared for the final athletics event of the season. For the Super 8s each athlete had to compete in a track, field and relay race.  Being able to perform in multiple events is a true test of an athletes ability. The boys team comprised of Isaac, Jasper, Dan, Barney, Will, Lucas, Shaylan and Noah. The girls team comprised of Sophie, Martha, Amelia S, Amelia H, Amelie, Eliza, Erin and Hermione. The other schools competing were: South Wilts Grammar, Braydon Forest, Wyvern St Edmunds, Lydiard Park, Sheldon, Royal Wootton Bassett, Trafalgar, Bishops Wordsworth Grammar and Kingdown.

All athletes put in fantastic performances across all of the disciplines with many new personal bests being achieved. Huish girls finished in bronze position and the boys finished in 4th.

Well done to all the athletes who have competed for Hardenhuish this season.  Your performances across all of the competitions have been outstanding. Bring on the winter season! We have already entered teams in every age category for the English Schools Cross Country Cup. For cross-country the distances are between 2.5km – 6.5km so to all those budding athletes – it’s time to do some distance training!

Mrs Place


U13 Girls Touch Rugby County Champions

The Hardenhuish girls were looking forward to the County Touch Rugby Tournament this week after winning their Area event a few weeks ago. The girls were ready for the challenge and the opportunity to represent Team Huish in a sport we have excelled at in previous years. The tournament started well with us playing our local rivals Devizes and securing our first win of the day. During this game Aurora showed her strong handling skills and Chloe, with her quick feet, showed clear understanding knowing exactly when to make the right pass.  Lara applied excellent pressure and as a result we were able to run out as 5-0 winners. After a long break the girls played their 2nd game and although it took them a few minutes to warm up they began to show not only their good rugby skills but their strong positional play. Lily was able to hold the ball up and ensure our team were ready in position.  This allowed Scarlett to play the ball and send Lily straight through to the try line showcasing her speed and excellent width play. The girls settled after this try and were 5-0 winners again. Into our last match we were able to concentrate on getting the basics right with Katie and Aurora ensuring we were keeping our defensive line straight and applying pressure when we needed to.  This allowed us to get some quick turnovers, sending Bethany through to the try line showing off her great side steps to score 3 tries in this game. After a lapse in concentration and a few forward passes the girls found their rhythm again with Lily taking an interception and driving for the line to settle the win for us in our final game.  This made sure we qualified for the gold medal match. The gold medal match was a cagey affair but the girls showed they could stay calm and composed under pressure.  They stuck to the game plan taking the touches and keeping the ball moving until a gap would appear.  When it did, Bethany took full advantage and weaved away from the defenders to score the first try, settling some nerves in the process. The game restarted and Scarlett was commanding the middle and pushing our team up the pitch to apply pressure and win the ball back.  Chloe then managed to get the ball along the line to Aurora who showed once again her quick feet and with a strong pass wide to Lily, another fantastic try was scored. Lara and Katie kept the pressure on the opponents with Katie making a fantastic touch in the last few minutes to stop them running for the line. The girls worked hard all day and showed fantastic team spirit and positivity in every element of their play.  The girls scored 22 tries and conceded 0.  They were the worthy winners of the day being crowned County Touch Rugby Champions.

Mrs Davidge


U15 Rounders 2nd in the County

Well what a day! We knew the competition was going to be tough and although we’d worked hard to prepare for this event we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. There were eight teams competing for the County Crown with Royal Wootten Bassett, Kingdown and Trafalgar drawn in our group. We had no idea of the standard of most of the schools but certainly had our eye on Kingsbury Green Academy having lost against them at the District Tournament by half a rounder. We set our hopes on trying to replay them in the final but first we needed to win all three of our first round matches. First up was Royal Wootten Bassett. Some outstanding batting and fierce fielding helped us secure our first convincing win (7.5 -1.5). Next up was Trafalgar. Having watched them in action during a break in play, we knew what we had to do and what their weaknesses were. This insight helped us secure another win (4.5-1). Our final match in the group was against Kingdown. We had to pull the stops out for this one but thanks to some solid fielding, in fact some of the best of the day, we won and finished top of the group. Phew.  The semi final, played against the runners up of the other group, was another good performance even if some of our batting was a little off. It meant we would get to meet KGA in the final. Would this be our time? We certainly hoped so. The game was competitive and nail biting from start to finish, with every hit and every throw counting. With less than two minutes to go, the score was even at 4-4 but then came the moment we’d dreaded. A superb hit from KGA meant the game was over and we’d have to settle for Silver. We were disappointed of course but full of admiration for KGA who were simply better on the day. There’s always next year, but for now, we are happy to take home a medal and some fantastic memories. Thanks to the whole squad for all their hard work, commitment and great company.  It’s been a pleasure to be part of your gang!

Mrs Colquhoun

U15 Rounders Squad: Ottilie B, Erin R, Hope M, Harriette W, Sophie V, Katie C, Martha R, Issy W, Freya T, Aila M, Aila LW, Libby C.


U13 and U15 Southern Vipers Cricket Regional Tournament

The U13 and U15 cricket squad got to experience an opportunity to travel down to Winchester and compete in the Regional Cricket finals and play against the best schools from the following areas; Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, Isle of Wight , Oxfordshire and Sussex. The level of cricket that was on display was of such a high standard and the girls played so well all day showing great resilience playing against some tough opposition. Our girls once again showed why they deserved to be there by producing some excellent fielding and varied bowling to limit the runs for their opponents and the batting prowess we showed was brilliant and by the end of the day the girls were picking their shots. It was a great learning experience for our girls to compete with some talented schools and I know that they are raring to go for next year! Well done girls you have made the PE Department very proud with your efforts and positive attitude!


U13 County Cricket Wiltshire Semi Finalists

On Tuesday of this week 10 year 7 & 8 students travelled to Trowbridge Cricket Club to represent Hardenhuish in what was to be the largest junior one day cricket festival organised in Wiltshire this year. A grand total of 14 schools attended where we were placed into one of 4 pools. Having won the pool we progressed to the quarter finals where we beat Lawn Manor academy and the on to the semi final where the eventual winners RWBA narrowly beat us. To summarise it was an excellent day with excellent cricket played by all- well done boys!

Mr Fox.


Hardenhuish Pupil Plays for Bristol Rovers

Hardenhuish Pupil Tia Harris was selected from an England Pathway Training Camp to play for Bristol Rovers, along with seven other girls.  They did brilliantly considering this was the first time they had met and played together as a team.

The Team played Newcastle first losing 1-0 but then went on to beat Nottingham Forest 3-1, with Tia scoring one goal, then Aston Villa, winning 4-0 which saw Tia scoring another goal and then West Ham winning 3-1, with Tia assisting another player who went on to score.

The Team make it to the semi-finals which was a massive achievement as they were against some very talented teams.  Unfortunately the girls lost in a penalty shootout against Swansea, however, regardless of the outcome they played some amazing football.  For Tia, this is just the beginning of some amazing opportunities – well done!


National Schools Sailing

On Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 June, my brother and I competed together in the national school’s sailing event at Itchenor Sailing Club in Chichester Harbour in our double hander RS Feva. Competing against over 100 boats in strong and shifty conditions Benji and I finished day one in 1st position. However, after a few chaotic starts and strong winds we ended up at 6th place on the final day which means our school was recognised at the prize giving. Everyone there were really friendly, and it was a great experience not only in the racing but the social aspect as well. We really enjoyed it and were very grateful to have the opportunity to compete.

By Emily Ripley


Community Events

Please click on the link below for information regarding upcoming events, including a free online safety talk by Richard Pomfrett:

Our Community – Hardenhuish School


What’s On Information

Please see below a list of trips and events taking place week commencing – Monday 11 July

Year 10 & Year 12 WEX week

Thursday 14 July

U15 Boys Cricket Competition – Trowbridge

Friday 15 July

New Year 7 & Year 12 Induction Day – No other pupils in school