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Hardenhuish Headlines

Hardenhuish Headlines

Dear Parents

The Headlines is packed full of articles today partly due to the fact that we did not produce one last Friday as it was a TD Day but also because there is so much going on in school at the moment!

The Summer Concert last Wednesday was fantastic! The setting, performances and atmosphere were so joyful and it was clear that the young people were really enjoying demonstrating their talents. A massive thank you to Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Simpson and our amazing peripatetic teachers for nurturing our young people and those of you who are parents of musicians for your support and encouraging them to practice!

Diversity Week, the Literature Festival  and Languages Week have allowed for numerous visitors to come and work with our young people, enhancing their opportunities and helping them to learn beyond the classroom.

Successful Lives Days again provided amazing opportunities for exploring beyond Hardenhuish. Year 7 visited Caerphilly Castle, Year 8 had Smoothie Day missed last year due to Covid, Year 9 had Cluedo Day again missed due to Covid, Year 10 visited Bath Spa University to start to consider their aspirations for the future and Year 12 had an Enterprise Day. Thank you to all of the Learning Managers and their teams for organising these incredible opportunities and experiences.

Year 13 have had their Thorpe Park end of year trip and Prom this week – both a wonderful way to celebrate their time at Hardenhuish. We wish them well as they move on to new challenges. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the 6th Form Team for their support of our wonderful Year 13 and a massive thank you to Year 13 parents for all of your support. I look forward to celebrating their successes at the Year 13 Awards Ceremony on 8 September 2022.

Year 11 also had their Prom last night and it was wonderful to see them enjoying being together again. We wish our Year 11 well as they move on to new adventures ( many in our 6th Form) and thank the Year 11 Team and all of the Year 11 parents for your support. I look forward to celebrating their successes at the GCSE Awards Ceremony on 17th October 2022.

The Celebrating Success Assemblies this week were such lovely events celebrating the many successes over our young people during this year with lots of certificates awarded and mutual support and appreciation shown by the young people.

The Year 8 Science Fair was a real success with groups researching and presenting Science based experiments and displays. A lovely opportunity for young people to explore things they are especially interested in and then present their findings to their peers.

It is also Sports Day today but I will save that one for next week which will be the last Headlines for this academic year!

Lisa Percy


News Items


Successful Lives Day

Successful Lives Day was held on Thursday 23 June 2022 and all pupils and students had the opportunity to experience enrichment activities. Read the summaries below from the Learning Manager of each year group to find out more….

Year 7 were absolutely amazing on our trip to Caerphilly Castle. All of them were so well behaved and I was very proud that they represented the school in a positive way. Lots of them asked intellectual questions about the castle and some even suggested great ideas to their tutors about how to best attack the castle if they lived in the 13th century – Mr Townsend.

The Year 8 team were prepared for a full-on day of creativity, excitement and challenge and Smoothie Day did not disappoint, with plenty of opportunity for success for individuals and tutor groups. All the pupils worked brilliantly together on a shared project to compete against the other tutor groups in being crowned the winners of Smoothie Day. While the judging took place, pupils had a session from a visiting poet, Ash Dickinson, and had you told me at the start of the day that Year 8 would be engaged, writing poetry, embroiled in poetry battles and eager to share their poetry on the stage, I would have been doubtful. But as ever, young people never cease to surprise me, and they were a joy to watch in the afternoon as they were amazing. After the session, they returned to tutor bases for the announcement of the winner (and some serious tidying up!) and 8FAL were crowned the winners with ‘JAMPS’. Although the judges said it was a good smoothie, it was their teamwork which stood out and as a tutor group they were all on board with their product with some clear project management and a positive mindset – Mrs Parry-Jones.

Year 9 worked in groups to try and solve the murder of Lisa Babington-Smyth in Cluedo Day. The students worked on a variety of tasks, ranging from treasure hunts, working as forensic scientists, looking at alibis and motives, unscrambling musical clues to identify the murderer, the weapon and where the murder was committed. The year group worked fantastically well all day and showed great teamwork and problem-solving skills, even if nobody solved the crime and the murderer got away with it! – Mr Peake.

Last Thursday saw our Year 10s experiencing a day in the life of a university student. We took the Year Group to the University of Bath where they had a tour of the campus, worked through various workshops on post 16 options, and had a taste of being in a university lecture. Students from Year 10 had the opportunity to ask a range of questions to current University students about future pathways. Overall, a great experience for all – Mr Henley.


Caerphilly Castle Year 7 Successful Lives Day

The trip to Caerphilly went well last week with our Year 7 pupils heading to explore the history, geography and Welsh language surrounding the site of Caerphilly. Each tutor group was tasked with taking a series of photos that could be used for a photo collage competition back in school, whilst learning about the different stages of castle building and the way that castles were used to defend a location. The different areas of the castle were split up with a work booklet, alongside for this year, a QR coded audio guide, which could help them understand what they were looking at. The weather held out for us, and the experience enabled pupils to make connections with what they have learned in school about locality and history and apply them to an historic site. Well done Year 7.


Summer Concert

On Wednesday 22 June we held our Summer Concert outside on the flag field.  The sun shone for us and we had a brilliant day rehearsing and then putting on the concert in the evening.  The music and the atmosphere were really great and all of the performers should be very proud of their performances.  Our usual groups of Clarinet and Saxophone group, Flute group, Jazz Band, String Group and Orchestra played along with the Year 7 singers, the new Year 9 and 10 small ensemble and a beautiful flute duet.  There were some class performances with a few Year 9s performing the classic ‘Walking on Sunshine’ and Year 10s played one of the pieces they have been studying (along with a few dance moves).  As part of the day, Year 9 musicians took part in a Steel Pan Workshop with Gillian Holmes and played two pieces in the concert that they had learnt that day.  Gill was very impressed with group, saying how amazing they had been all day and how well they played in the evening, a credit to the school.

For a large group of musicians, this was their last concert at Hardenhuish and we want to thank them for their dedication to music in their time with us and wish them well in their future.  You will all be missed.

Well done to all of our fabulous performers.

The Music Staff


Diversity Day Celebrations

Last Wednesday saw a number of celebrations in aid of Diversity Week as we continue to raise the awareness of diversity within the school community and open avenues to have discussions around what diversity and equality mean to each of us. Mr Cobbold launched the week with assemblies on the topic which were followed up by a series of tutor time successful lives tasks. Ramona Eve, a participatory artist, came in to run workshops that included pupils and students from Year 7 right up to our A-Level art students to gather ideas for a school mural we are hopeful will be a focal point for inclusion within the school. We also had the incredible Jamma de Samba working with all our Year 9 pupils in a series of drumming workshops which required 40+ pupils all working together to keep to the rhythm as they played repiniques, surdos, tamborims, gnazas timbas and agogos! Well done to all involved in the day – we look forward to seeing the finished mural in September!


LitFest Returns!

Last week saw the much-anticipated return of the Hardenhuish Literature Festival, with pupils in Years 7-10 having visits from a range of award-nominated and award-winning authors who write for young people!

Year 7 had Sophie Anderson visit to discuss her latest book ‘The Thief Who Sang Storms’. Before the lesson, pupils had started their own creative writing pieces that they then were able to elaborate with Sophie in the session. Pupils had an opportunity to design their own incredible islands as part of their creative writing pieces, using their exploration of ‘The Thief Who Sang Storms’ to help them. Year 7 also asked Sophie lots of wonderful questions about her books and the writing process!

Year 8 had A.M. Dassu visit to discuss her book ‘Boy, Everywhere’, which explores the journey of a refugee from Damascus. Pupils discussed what the experience of a refugee might have been like, and the fact that anyone can become a refugee, building on some of their learning from their recent War Poetry unit. They asked some really thoughtful and sensible questions, and it was lovely to hear the discussions all about ‘Boy, Everywhere’ and the issues it explores as students left their classrooms.

Year 8 also had a wonderful visit from performance poet Ash Dickinson, who did a workshop with the year group on the power of poetry! Pupils listened to some of Ash’s slam poetry before having a go at their own, based on the work they were doing as part of Successful Lives Day, ending in some brilliant and enthusiastic performances!

Year 9 and Year 10 both had in-person visits from Hardenhuish’s very own Luke Palmer on his book ‘Grow’. Their talks explored ideas about radicalisation and empathy, considering how characters such as Josh could be vulnerable to extreme ideas. Pupils looked at the importance of empathy and reading to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes and understand their perspective – to learn more about the world but also engage more critically with the things we read.

Books by all of the authors are available to borrow in the school Library for all year groups.


Arts Week 2022 – 13 – 17 June

Last week the Art and DT Department held our fourth annual Arts Week – an event designed to raise the profile of Art across the whole school and give our students a chance to take part in Art that might not normally be delivered as part of the curriculum. We are incredibly grateful to the support we are given by the Arts Society of Kington Langley which our young people appreciate so much. Our pupils have been busy completing drawing tasks in tutor time which will be joined together to create a whole-school collaborative piece of Art – look out for some pictures in the headlines in the next few weeks!

We kicked off the week on Monday 13 June with KS3 workshops by fantastic visiting artist Sam Gorman. Our pupils learned how to shape modelling clay into heads and then develop this into surreal portraits with real character! Sam had a huge range of props and materials to support students with their creative ideas – and they were so proud of what they achieved!

Tuesday saw our second visiting artist Kirsty Stewart who gave Year 9 a hands on workshop in animal model making with cardboard. The results were absolutely fantastic and although the cardboard was tough to work with at times the pupils showed fantastic resilience and innovation. Some of our other classes took part in drawing workshops that allowed pupils to really reflect on mental health awareness and consider their own wellbeing whilst developing observational skills to produce incredibly mature and thoughtful responses.

Year 10 & 12 were off to the Tate Modern gallery in London on Wednesday 15 June – the coach might have been the hottest journey ever but the students agreed the gallery was certainly very cool! Students took part in photography and drawing tasks as well as taking in all kinds of art by household names such as Salvador Dali, Barbara Kruger, Pablo Picasso & Frida Kahlo. These students are just about to begin their independent coursework projects and we’ve already had some fantastic discussions in class about ideas and inspiration taken from our day in London.

Some pupils who had Art on Thursday started to think about how we can use Art as a tool for change – creating work to help people consider the harmful impact of plastic on our oceans. Other groups focussed on Kandinsky and Mondrian to create collage work that focussed on line, colour, shape and composition. In the evening we were off to the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol to celebrate our Year 9 pupils’ success in the national Art Bytes competition. Elsie Hutton, Holly Turner and Poppy Yates were selected by the judging panel as our school finalists – with Elsie being voted as the overall winner from Hardenhuish. It was fantastic to see their work displayed in an internationally renowned gallery and we are so proud of their achievements!

Friday saw the continuation of our Arts Week workshops in lessons – but staff across the school had been busy preparing costumes for fancy dress day – as famous artists and famous art! Some absolutely excellent efforts made across the school – but a special mention has to go to the Science Department who each came as a different Banksy work, and teaching assistant Mrs Brown who kept her Bob Ross wig and beard on all day in 30’C heat!

To round off the week we were delighted to take part in Chippenham’s very first Art Trail on Saturday 18 June. We exhibited a selection of work by students from Year 9 up to Year 13 at Artel31 on Union Road and as the first spot on the trail we were busy with visitors all day. It was a brilliant opportunity to share the incredible work of our young people with our local community – we had some fantastic comments about the work and some of the young artists were able to come and see their work in a public exhibition for the first time. We’ll definitely be back – thanks to the Independent Artists Group for organising, we had an absolute blast!


Winning Entry in Chippenham Community Arts Competition

Congratulations to year 7 pupil, June -Rose Williams for winning first prize of £50 in the Chippenham Community Arts Competition. The theme was to create a painting of something that makes you happy. June-Rose’s piece reflected her love of music and gymnastics. What a fabulous experience not only to be the winner but also have her work in a public exhibition.


Year 7 Area Rounders Tournament

Year 7 had their Area Rounders Tournament last week in the beautiful sunshine! Hardenhuish were the only team that were able to field two squads ensuring all the girls had lots of matches to play. The girls began their tournament actually playing each other, which was somewhat confusing! The girls played really well all afternoon in the hot sun and produced some fantastic hits and catches. Special mention goes to Violet, Sophia and Megan for some great catches out in the deep, Lily for her varied bowling and Phoebe, Eliza and Megan for some powerful hitting. Overall Hardenhuish team 2 finished in 5th place and Hardenhuish Team 1 finished WINNERS of the whole tournament, capping their season off as District Champions! Well done girls and can’t wait for next season!


Hardenhuish T2 2-8 Hardenhuish T1                      Hardenhuish T1 8-2 Hardenhuish T2

Hardenhuish T2 7-9 ½ Sheldon                                Hardenhuish T1 9 ½ -7 Sheldon

Hardenhuish T2 3 ½ -6 Devizes                                Hardenhuish T1 6- ½ Corsham

Hardenhuish T2 2-4 ½ Lavington                             Hardenhuish T1 9-6 Devizes

Hardenhuish T2 5-4 ½ Corsham                              Hardenhuish T1 5 ½ -3 Lavington


Year 9 Rounders Tournament

On Monday, a group of Year 9 pupils took part in a Rounders Tournament against eight other local schools.  The team have been working hard at training and the hard work paid off.  The matches were played with skill and precision with some huge hits and fantastic fielding.  Our first match against Sheldon was a tough one but some brutal bowling helped secure our first win. As we moved through the matches, the players grew in confidence and their in-depth knowledge of the rules meant they didn’t miss a trick! Opposition players were frequently stumped out or caught out and big hits were quickly picked up by the deep fielders.  This meant wins in all but one match.  Our toughest match was against Kingsbury Green Academy who took advantage of our low batting score to secure a win by only half a rounder.  With an equal number of games won, the final results would come down to rounders run during the tournament.  This time we just missed out on first place but as runners-up to Kingsbury Green Academy, we secured a place in the Level 3 School Games Competition taking place next week.  A huge thanks to all the pupils who took part.  Your commitment to training, awesome skill and exemplary attitudes make it a pleasure to be a part of your team.  Here’s to more big hits next week!

Mrs Colquhoun


Friends of Hardenhuish River Run

Thank you to all those who came forward to be part of The Friends of Hardenhuish River Run Team 2022. On Wednesday 6 July, dozens of our pupils, parents and staff will wear Hardenhuish green and will run either the Chippenham River Run 2km or 5km course to raise money to support the school and our chosen charity for this year, Young Minds.

Please click on the link below and sponsor the team. If you are about in Chippenham on 6 July, please come down to the River Run course and cheer the team on.

We will also have a refreshments stall at the start/finish line to help with the fundraising efforts. Any donations of cakes or biscuits would be gratefully received. Please bring them in to Reception on the morning 6 July.

Many thanks for your support.

The Friends of Hardenhuish and The Hardenhuish Educational Trust


Classic. Retro. Modern.

Please see linked below an article from one of our neighbours, published in Classic. Retro. Modern. ( magazine and featuring photos of our very own Hardenhuish House!

Classic Modern Retro


Our Community

Please click on the link below for activities and events taking place in our local community:

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U13 Boys Cricket Competition – Trowbridge

Wednesday 6 July

Year 12 History trip – Hampton Court

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