Hardenhuish Headlines

Hardenhuish Headlines

Dear Parents

The Final Assessments have started well this week. Thank you for your support as these continue over the next two weeks. We have also received our delivery of test kits which will be distributed today. Please continue to support your young people with testing on a Wednesday and Sunday evening and report any issues to covidreporting@hardenhuish.wilts.sch.uk .

I have been asked to pass on the following message from the Wiltshire Road Safety Team:

We have been made aware by a local resident of groups of students using e-scooters in the areas around John Coles Park. The use of electric scooters on the public highway, on footways or cycle paths, or in other areas accessible to the public, such as the John Coles Park or car parks is currently illegal. The only exceptions are for a limited number of pilot scooter hire schemes, which are restricted to over 16s who hold a driving licence. There are no such schemes currently running in Wiltshire – the closest is in Bath city centre. Otherwise, electric scooters may only be used on private land with the permission of the land owner. I appreciate that electric scooters are readily available to buy, and are a very attractive means of transport and a fun activity for this age group, but they bring a significant level of risk to both users and the wider public. In addition, breaches of the law are criminal offences, and may lead to fines, or even penalty points on (future) licences or disqualification from driving altogether. Many people are unaware of the law, especially when buying them for their children. More detailed information is available at Powered transporters – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Please can I give you advanced notice that Wednesday 14th July is Year 12 and our new Year 7 Induction Day and as a result no other year groups are in school.

Take care and have a good weekend.

Lisa Percy


Parents Evening Survey

We would be grateful if you could complete this short survey regarding virtual parent and pupil/student consultation evenings in order to help inform our planning and to identify whether this is a “Covid keeper” from the lockdown situation we have found ourselves in this past year.  The link to the survey is HERE.  Please could you submit your responses by 3pm on Friday 14 May.

Thank you for your support.


Historical Association Fellowship

Mr Arkinstall our Curriculum Leader for History has been awarded the title of Fellow of the Historical Association following his participation in a Teacher’s Fellowship for the Historical Association, looking at the way that schools teach remembrance and the First World War.

He worked with a small group of teachers to research, produce and create a resource which could be used in schools nationally to help support the teaching of Conflict, Art and Remembrance.

Congratulations on this achievement and what it brings to the school and the teaching of this topic.



Art and DT Blog Post 11

This week we are showcasing the fantastic work of our fabulous DT Textiles students currently studying a new project centred around Fairy Tale themed costume. It has been truly marvellous to have our young people back in the Textiles classroom experimenting with various methods of textile manipulation. C centre has been smelling rather waxy this week due to Year 9’s Batik experiments with Miss Walker, and they have created some truly marvellous fabric samples!

Friday brought an experimental Textiles lesson where students used Batik and coloured fabric paints to create patterned samples inspired by Fairy Tale and Folk Lore. They were asked to create and present a Batik sample that could be used as part of a costume or garment. We are extremely impressed with the creative skills demonstrated and are excited to see what they create at the end of the year for this project! Take a look at their very impressive Batik fabric samples in the showcase below.

We hope that you are all keeping well and staying safe.

The Hardenhuish Art & DT Team