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Hardenhuish Headlines

Hardenhuish Headlines

Dear Parents

Thank you for your support during what has been a challenging start to our academic year. We have really appreciated the messages of support and will continue to do our best to support our young people as we begin 2021.

I am sure that you have heard the Government announcement from yesterday regarding a phased return to in-school learning in January. I wanted to reassure you that we are monitoring the situation closely and awaiting further details. We will share further information with you via Schoolcomms as soon as we are able.

A very advanced warning and a little positivity for the future that we have provisionally booked Proms for the summer of 2021. Year 11 is provisionally booked for 24th June and Year 13 for 5th July. These are obviously subject to change driven by either further exam changes or Covid-19 restrictions.

Have a restful Christmas and very best wishes for 2021!

 Lisa Percy

News Items

On Wednesday, Sixth Form students studying economics, business, and politics attended a live Bank of England webinar with Mrs Lauren Barnes, Senior Economist at the Bank of England.  Mrs Barnes gave pupils a fascinating insight into the inner workings of the Bank, an explanation of monetary policy, an analysis of how monetary policy is being used in the current economic climate, and a discussion about working as an economist. After the talk, there was an opportunity for questions and answers, allowing pupils to find out even more.

Baubles of Kindness

Our pupils have been busy creating Christmas bauble cards as part of our ‘Baubles of Kindness’ project. This is a project where pupils design cards with Christmas pictures and messages which we will be sharing with residents in some of Chippenham’s local care homes. Whilst Christmas is a happy time for most, for people in care homes it can be a lonely and difficult time. This is particularly the case this year, where families and friends and not been able to visit care homes due to the pandemic. We have been impressed with the way our pupils have been able to empathise with this situation and the effort they have shown in producing baubles to help brighten someone’s day. Some of the lovely designs and messages are shown below:

“I hope this message will give you light in the darkness. At Christmas time no-one should be alone, so this is why I say “stay positive” and know that soon we will be able to go out and start again”

“I know it is hard to be happy in these troubling times, but I hope that this bauble will make your Christmas bright”

“Merry Christmas from Hardenhuish”

Many thanks to all of the pupils who have produced these fantastic baubles, as well as to Mrs Sampson who

helped organise the project.








Budding Entrepreneurs

Due to the current Covid restrictions the school was unable to offer the Christmas fayre. Undaunted by this, the Year 9 World of Work pupils decided to hold their own, in class celebrating their extraordinary business acumen. The event was held in classrooms with each team producing Christmas related products and marketing materials. Both classes put on a real show making the job of adjudication particularly difficult for Mrs Glossop. Products ranged from exquisite bites and candles through to fair trade coffee. The products were sourced, made and packaged by the pupils using a trial run to identify issues and resolve them. The outcomes were judged through the consideration of the products and the marketing. Please see the photographs. The events were the highlight of a difficult year and certainly brought a big smile to all involved. The only regret is that the pupils couldn’t sell directly to customers.

All the pupils were the real stars and winners of the two months of preparation. We hope that they enjoyed the process, learnt a great deal and that they feel inspired towards future business activity. Well done to all involved.

The Business Department


Christmas Musical Celebration

Thank you so much to our fantastic Music performers who contributed to the 2020 Hardenhuish Christmas Musical Celebration.  Normally at this time of year we would all have been working hard to prepare for our Carol Concert and then joining together to perform at St Paul’s Church.  It is a real highlight of the year for us and one that we have truly missed but we have been so proud to of your virtual performances.  Thank you to everyone who sent in a video to be part of the performance and to our dedicated teachers (both classroom and Instrumental) who have put it all together.  Our musicians are amazing and it has definitely started Christmas for us watching your performances and seeing you all together on screen.  Have a wonderful Christmas

Rupert Reports









Another interesting term at Hardenhuish! Students have continued to cope well with the different arrangements to keep the site Covid safe; we have been incredibly lucky to have a very small amount of disruption to year groups and the large open site has no doubt helped with this.

The wide curriculum that we deliver has continued, I have been able to accompany Mrs Bennett’s year 7 classes up to the library as usual and popped in on a number of A level classes. Parents evenings have been able to continue with the use of Teams which has meant a number of family pets have also joined in on the appointments. Up in the sixth form the focus for year 13 has been for many, the UCAS process, 135 applications have now gone off and offers are flooding in. Getting the applications off early is advantageous for those applying for courses needing portfolios or interviews which have already started to take place.

This year has been challenging for us all but the Hardenhuish community have shown considerable resilience.  Technology has helped us find ways around problems, but what has become clear is how important relationships are and how much we all value personal contact. I am sure I am not alone in hoping that at some point in 2021 we get back something closer to normality.

I have felt very fortunate this year to be able to go on many of my usual holidays and restrictions were removed in time for the summer so we could get to Scotland. Cornwall has been our ‘go to’ location as it has for many and depending on the tier announcement on Wednesday I may be there again for New Year. But this has been a year for discovering or revisiting local places and I highly recommend the circular walks around Castle Combe.

Seasons greetings to all in the Hardenhuish community and I wish you a happy and healthy new year!

Thank you from Unity House