iPad 3 unveiled…much ado about everything?

The iPad 3 is the latest in a long line of high-tech tablets, which threaten to replace the PC for good in the near future.

by Adam

Apple has now released the iPad 3, with improved retina display.

Many reviews are already floating around the Internet, and Apple have stated that their new, ‘revolutionary’ iPad makes “everything look crisper and more lifelike. Text…razor sharp. Colours…more vibrant.” Meanwhile, The Guardian‘s Charles Arthur gave it a 5/5 star rating and said that “The voice dictation isn’t much good, and those who want to plug in a USB hub will be disappointed. Everyone else will find the retina display and better graphics a delight.”

But what is the big deal, really? What do people find so attractive about tablets?

I asked Caleb, who commented “I like it because it’s almost a computer, just smaller and faster (to use).”

Danielle added “I like the way it’s a laptop; it’s light, it’s portable and it’s fun. It’s different to use” and described the idea as “novel.”

The iPad is destined to be a hit worldwide.